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The Horrors of Hump Day

February 8, 2012

Happy Hump Day! I hope your Hump Day is going well, because… mine’s not. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I was oh so very sore, which I account to the kickboxing class I took yesterday, complete with weighted gloves and bars. The class was awesome- very upbeat, sweaty, and fun, and (NERD ALERT) I got to pretend that I was a jedi and having lightsaber duels. It pretty much kicked my butt, and I could really feel it this morning. Getting out of bed was painful.

Then I got to my first Bio class and realized that I had forgotten my clicker, which we use to take electronic quizzes at the end of the class period. Great, no points for Tia today. Escaping to the coffee shop in my ten minute break between classes, I had a very awkward encounter with someone that I had not seen/spoken to in a very long time. Despite my concerted effort to carefully examine my coffee thermos and avoid making eye contact, I was spotted and greeted with a friendly, “Hey, how’s it going?” Awkwardness ensued. “Uh, it’s going… GREAT,” I managed to idiotically stutter back. Embarassing.

Returning to class for my second bio class of the day, my friend helpfully reminded me that we were having two quizzes at the end of class today. Fabulous. Double points lost. I decided to skip class to run back to my room and fetch my clicker, so I could at least get some points for the day. But, at the end of that class, the program through we which we take our quizzes didn’t work, so no quiz after all. I basically missed the entire lecture for nothing.

Now I sit here, typing this post when I should be studying for my bio lab (yeah, it’s a biology-heavy day). I will leave you now, hoping that your Wednesday is going better than mine. The day is yet young, and I will determinedly try and turn it around.

Happy Hump Day!

-Over and out

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