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Nice Jugs!

January 23, 2012

I got to handle a lot of jugs today… I was climbing! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Jugs are large hand holds that are easy to grab

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of going to the IBEX climbing gym in Blue Springs with my dear friend and sorority sister Cassie. Cassie is a bad-ass climber and she put me to shame a couple of times when she scrambled with Spidey-like ease up a course that had defeated me.

I love climbing. It is disappointing that I have not pursued it more in my life. I have always been a climber; my mom recounts to me the various pieces of furniture in our house that I ascended as a toddler. Climbing feels so powerful and so satisfyingly challenging. There are some activities that are challenging and I hate doing them (endless cardio on cardio machines). There are some activities that are challenging and they motivate me to work harder and longer and not be defeated! Climbing is one of these activities. Clinging to a rock face with my fingers cramping and my forearms pumped, trying to dig the last bit of muscle power out of my legs so I can lunge my way up to the next hand hold- that is an amazing moment for me. When a particular course is giving me problems, I can feel the stubbornness and determination well within me as I think, There is no way that I’m going to let this kick my butt! I am stronger than I think, I need to give my body more credit… I’m going to show those rocks who is boss!

Cassie ascending a 5.11

My body was stronger than I gave it credit, too. I think this is an issue that all athletes and fitness-enthusiasts face. We can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for! It’s not the strength or the endurance or the flexibility that we lack, it’s the belief in our own abilities. We need to be willing to suspend disbelief and push ourselves to do things that we do not think we can achieve. Of course, I cannot miss the opportunity to insert a Star Wars quote: Do or do not. There is not try. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised at what we can do. I know I was!

That’s right 5.9, I’m talking to you. You may have finally beat me in the end, but I made it much farther up you than I ever thought I could… and your time is coming, my friend. I’ll be back.

-Over and out

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